World Press News


We cover news providing to our customers the necessary services: ENG crews, journalistic production, editing, SD/HD uplink to satellites, FTP/ Play Outs and live positions. Our strength lies in the rapidity, precision, integrity, impartiality and continuous innovation that have allowed us to adapt easily to the fast evolution of the market. Our goals, unlike other agencies of big distribution, are to produce, elaborate and adapt the information depending on the characteristics of each media.

ENG CREWS - All formats -

  • Journalists
  • Cameramen
  • Soundmen
  • Editors

Production services & post production

  • 24 hours planning
  • Satellite booking, play out
  • Price quotation
  • Filming permits
  • Accreditations
  • Archives
  • Multilingual producers and fixers
  • Non-linear editing system (3 Final Cut Pro edit rooms)

Arch of Triumph live position

New at BGTV: Eiffel Tower position

BGTV new stand up position

Satellite transmission services and live facilities

  • 2 DSNGs – HD/SD 1+1 DVBS2 8PSK Mpeg4 (view detailed description)
  • 4 Live stand up positions with Arch of Triumph as background
    • 2 HD/SD chroma key studios
    • 1 balcony position HD/SD
    • 1 street position HD/SD
  • Fully equipped multi-camera HD/SD studio (40m² / up to 3 cameras)
  • Play Out and Reception
  • Satellite Feeds
  • Operators
  • Logistical assistance

Paris connectivity

  • FTP server and upload
  • Internet: symmetric bandwidth (200Mbps) thru optical fiber
  • Direct fiber optic links (in/out) to Teleports:
    • Geneva Teleport: Eurovision EBU Fine Network 2 SD/HD inbound fibers and 2 SD/HD outgoing fibers
    • Paris Teleport: Serte-Globecast 2 SD/HD inbound fibers and 2 SD/HD outgoing fibers
    • London Teleport: British Tower 1 SD/HD inbound fiber and 1 SD/HD outgoing fiber
    • Los Angeles Teleport: Pacific Tv Center 1 SD/HD inbound fiber and 1 SD/HD outgoing fiber

New at BGTV: FX6 and Alpha7 S3 cameras

FX6 and Alpha7 S3 cameras

Press photographers

We provide press photographers with the latest equipment, responding 24/24H abble to catch the best still picture:

  • current events
  • entertainment
  • fashion
  • corporate
  • sport
  • even more